Data Insights

Robust Data Insights

imATHLETE takes your data, puts it through our magic computer machine, and gives you unparalleled access to insights about your participants you never realized.  From who is most likely to do your event again to pricing strategies, we help you grow.

Actionable Metrics on imATHLETE

Actionable Metrics

imATHLETE gives you data and reports that let you take action and make. more. money.  We also track your ROI on all your marketing activities.  Did you know that?

Your Event History in imATHLETE

Total Event History

We have made the transfer to imATHLETE a seamless process.  This includes the import of your entire data history - no matter how far back it goes.  We put all your data in one place to give you huge insights.

imATHLETE Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

View your data correctly and you'll see opportunities to generate more revenue.  Combine these with our automated workflows and you can help people make the decisions that you want them to.


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"Once you see imATHLETE it will blow you away as much as it blew us away."


Trend Analysis

Understanding your trends allows you to understand your opportunity.  Are more people registering later?  Then increase your late registration price.  Are you attracting more people from Guam? imATHLETE will let you know.


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Great Visualizations

We love a good chart/graph, especially one that makes the data more clear and gives you direct insights into what you need to do in order to generate more revenue.  

Using Data To Make You More Money

Your data is only as good as how you use it:

  • Trend analysis
  • New opportunity insights
  • Trackable ROI 
  • Powerful visualizations



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