imATHLETE Participant Cancellation Insurance

Backed by Allianz

Allianz is the world leader in cancellation insurance.  That's why we let you work with them.  'Cause they're the best.


imATHLETE Event Cancellation Insurance

Doesn't Cost You A Penny

Not only does it not cost you anything (participant's can opt to buy it themselves), but it actually makes you more money.  (just like the Event Cancellation Coverage)


imATHLETE Participant Cancellation Insurance

The Pros of Refunds Without The Cons

You know all those reasons you don't want to do refunds (don't want to give money away, don't want to deal with the questions, etc.), well - poof! - they're gone.  


imATHLETE Participant Cancellation Insurance

Participants Opt-In

Participants can buy refund insurance if they want.  Or they don't have to.  Their choice.  Which means the burden is on them.  The refund choice becomes black and white.


imATHLETE Event Cancellation Coverage

More Peace of Mind

You've got enough things to worry about, you shouldn't have to deal with complaining participants.  Like our event cancellation coverage, this Participant Insurance gets another level of stress off your back.  Peace of mind can be free.