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Super Simple Setup

Setting up your event on imATHLETE is so simple, you can be generating revenue in <5 minutes. Intuitive, user-friendly and packed solid with features to help you generate more revenue.  Oh, and the support you get? Fuggedaboudit.  It's insanely good.


Stellar SupportPersonalized, Awesome Support

The imATHLETE team that supports you and your athletes is the best in the industry. Period. The team is awesome and we will stick behind that.   learn more...


Reporting and Analytics

Industry Leading Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting and business intelligence tools will blow your socks off.  Seriously, we give you access to insights that can practically throw money in your pocket.      learn more...


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Integration With Industry Leading Partners

We know that integrations make your life easier. Whether it's membership management with USA Triathlon, automated fundraising via CrowdRise or insurance, we've got you covered.  And we're always working to add new integrations!    learn more...



Turnkey E-Commerce

Whatever you're doing with merchandise, you're not selling enough.  Trust me.  Create a stand-alone store at imATHLETE and make money year round.   learn more...



Best In Class Fundraising Offerings

Integrate CrowdRise directly into your online registration flow or use our native fundraising platform on its own. Whichever you choose, we make it easy to support the cause. Integration with JustGiving is coming soon!   learn more...



Insurance Coverage At No Cost To You

Having to cancel your event is not a matter of if it will happen, but when.  imATHLETE keeps you covered so you don't lose a penny when it happens.    learn more...


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Custom Registration For Free

Registration is more than just about credit card collection:

  • Integrated with your brand
  • Simple to set-up and manage
  • Industry's lowest abandonment rate
  • Participants spend more on imATHLETE

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