Support and Success

New Revenue Opportunities

Whether it's pricing strategy, marketing techniques or participant insights, the growth of your business is our priority and the experts at imATHLETE are your partner in growth. see some best practices...


Support and Success

Support + Success

The imATHLETE team that supports you and your athletes is the best team in the industry. Period. We are here to help you grow, and committed to providing excellent resources so that you can get quick answers to your important questions   learn more...


Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools You Need

With social sharing, automated workflows, robust CRM, email marketing and insanely good reporting, imATHLETE is the participant management solution you need.  You can pay a lot elsewhere, or get it here... for free.  learn more...

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"[Other people say] that the customer support team at imATHLETE was really good, and now I see why

CRMCRM Tools To Help You Grow

Our free CRM platform is custom built for businesses just like yours. We give you the data you need to generate more revenue and take your business to the next level.  learn more...


Reporting + AnalyticsInsights via Reporting & Analytics 

We have a thing for data and analysis and sharing it with you so that you can make better business decisions.  Event companies love our reports.  So will you. learn more...


Club MembershipMembership Management

Yup, we've got that too. Because managing your memberships could be difficult... or you could use imATHLETE.  Even better, membership and event registration are integrated, so you know who is doing what, when.  learn more...


Charitable Fundraising
Integrated Charitable Fundraising

Different fundraising needs call for different fundraising tools and we've got a whole tool belt full of them for you. Whether you're using our proprietary solution, CrowdRise or JustGiving, we help you do good things for this world.  learn more...


MerchandiseEasy E-Commerce

24% of imATHLETE transactions have multiple items in the cart.  Participants are buying merchandise on imATHLETE and they're waiting to buy yours. Our industry leading e-commerce platform is simple to set-up and ready for you now.  learn more...



Integrations with Industry Leaders

From membership management (USA Triathlon) to insurance (Allianz, Lloyd's of London) to charitable fundraising (CrowdRise, JustGiving) and much more, we allow you to immediately partner with the best.  learn more...

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Powerful Marketing Tools

imATHLETE gives you the tools you needd to grow your revenue.  And the best thing about it?  They are all:

  • Simple to use
  • Powerfully robust
  • Proven to generate new revenue
  • Free to use



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