imATHLETE Automations

Personal, Relevant and Timely

The key to effective communication is making it personal, relevant and timelyAutomated workflows let you personalize the entire journey to your start line.  Set up months of personal communication in minutes.  


imATHLETE Automations

Automate Tasks

Workflows and automations simplify your most challenging communication tasks.  Need to alert a non-profit whenever somebody new registers?  Need to ensure participants confirm their registration by deadline?  Let's get automated.


imATHLETE Automations

Reduce Errors

Automated workflows help you significantly reduce errors and ensure all your data and information is automatically up-to-date.  Information is dynamically populated so you can be sure it is always accurate.


imATHLETE Custom Automations

Build Your Brand

Consistent and meaningful personal communication let's your participants know you care about them. We help you build your brand while you sleep.