imATHLETE Financial Reporting

Custom Statements

Every statement period you receive a detailed report outlining all payments made, broken out by event, merchandise item and more.  It's ridiculously simple to understand.


imATHLETE Financial Reporting

Transparency To The Penny

With our online financial reporting, you can drilldown to the individual purchase and the exact amount paid.  It's your money, we're being transparent with it.


imATHLETE Financial ReportingBi-Monthly Payments

Payments are made by direct deposit on the 2nd and 17th of every month.  Barring a bank holiday, it's in your account by the 4th and 19th, probably earlier.


imATHLETE Financial Reporting

Follow Your Money

Complete transparency about the financials allows you to see all the transactions that happen at anytime you want.  We even give you a running tally of how much you can expect in your next statement period.