Customer Success

Custom Reports Up The Ying-Yang

imATHLETE is well known for it's amazing and robust reporting.  We've got so much reporting available you'll get dizzy.  Seriously, sit down.  Whether it's pulling legacy/repeat participants, understanding demographic data, quickly finding your t-shirt sizing needs, social marketing reports, merchandise reports or fundraising reports, if you want it, we've got it.

Athlete supportMassively Helpful Visualizations

Graphs and charts aren't just about looking pretty - though that sure doesn't hurt.  The visualizations we give you help you quickly understand the trends that are most important to you (cough-year-over-year-cough).  This includes registration trends, frequency of merchandise purchases and tons more.

Technology Support

Ad Hoc Reporting Tool

Don't see a report that is exactly what you need?  No problem, we give you a tool where you can create your own reports from your data whenever you want.  That's right - wake up at 3am and start putting reports together.  I do. It's fun.



Social Marketing Insights

38% of your participants do your event because a friend is doing it as well.  It is easier than ever for people to socialize their athletic behavior and convince friends to join them.  Not only do we automatically do a bunch of social marketing for you, but we give you the reports for you to quickly see how much money you're making from it.


imATHLETE Marketing ROI

ROI On All Marketing Efforts

Whether it's Facebook ads, Google AdWords, postcards, emails or print ads, imATHLETE gives you a quick and easy tool to determine the ROI of every single marketing campaign.  Stop spending senseless money and find out what is working the best.


imATHLETE Automated Reports

Automated Report Delivery

You know those reports you have to pull up every day or every week?  With imATHLETE you don't.  Whether you want it hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, in a few strokes of the keypad, you can automate the email delivery of reports to whomever you want.