imATHLETE Automations

Personal, Relevant and Timely

The key to effective communication is making it personal, relevant and timely.  With the data we have at imATHLETE, you can automate notifications that do just that. Just set up the email you want and what action triggers it and - kaBOOM! - done.  


Abandoned Cart Notification

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to automatically remind people to register when they've abandoned their cart?  Well, there is. It's here. At imATHLETE.  It's a really nice feature - though keep in mind, with our ridiculously low 5.42% abandonment rate, there may not be as many abandons as you're used to.


imATHLETE Birthday Notifications

Automated Birthday Offers

If you're not doing this yet, you need to ask yourself what you're waiting for.  imATHLETE is ready to send a personalized birthday offer to your participants - from you - on their birthday.  Show your love.  It goes a long way.


imATHLETE Custom Automations

Custom Automations Specifically For You

We are so dedicated to helping you be a better marketer, that whatever automation you want, we can do.  Seriously.  Try to stump us, we dare you.