imATHLETE Social Marketing

Unique Social Sharing Links

imATHLETE integrates directly with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  Participants can post their own unique social links and, more importantly, you can track the referrals and conversions each person got.  This automatically happens, even while you sleep.


imATHLETE Social Marketing

Social Conversion Tracking

There's a report at your fingertips for you to see how many people visited your pages and registered for your event due to social links on Facebook and Twitter.  Our reports make it incredibly easy to determine the effectiveness of your social marketing.


imATHLETE and GoogleFacebook + Google Pixel Integration

Easily integrate your advertising pixels into yourimATHLETE registration pages so you can track every activity from your participants.


Social Posting on imATHLETE

Social Posting

imATHLETE receives, on average, a 700% ROI on social posts.  That means, if you used imATHLETE, every social post by your participants would drive 7 friends, on average, to your registration pages.  We take social posting seriously.  Seriously.