Customer Success

Customer Success Commitment

imATHLETE's Customer Success team is among the best in the business.  You'll love them.  Trust me.  They are knowledgeable, solution-oriented, quick to reply and passionate about what you do.  You're guaranteed a response in 1 business day (though we average <5 hours).  We have 24/7 online support through the FAQ and are available for urgent matters whenever needed.


Athlete support

Athlete Support Commitment

Oftentimes the first experience your athletes have with you is through imATHLETE.  We ensure it is a very positive experience.  Our athlete support team works 7 days per week.  And though we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround, we average <7 hour response.  We are awesome.  I feel pretty comfortable saying that.



Event Director Resources / FAQ

We are here for you and want to give you as much info as we can to ensure you 1) understand how to best use the technology and 2) get new ideas to grow your business.  Here's what we've got:

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icon_mouse.pngTechnology Support Commitment

imATHLETE's technology is some of the most robust and scalable in the business.  We work with some of the fastest sell-out events around, and can process 50,000 registrations in ten minutes without even breaking a sweat.  Our redundancy and elastic scalability means no downtime.  You're safe with us.


Athlete Resources

Athlete Resources / FAQ

In addition to our stellar support (see above), we provide athletes with online help at  Athletes have numerous ways to reach out to us, not the least of which is our contact info on every single page of registration.  That's the way we roll.